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Unfortunately Telefonica, the owner of Iberbanda, has taken the decision not to continue offering services using the Iberbanda WIMAX technology and will close all ot their transmitters by the summer of 2017.

Good news - Fortec Comunicaciones, the owner of the website has been putting together a portfolio of services to cover the needs of all of the clients that are losing their Iberbanda services and can also supply internet anywhere in Spain, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and the Canary Islands.

Depending upon your address and what's available there we can supply you with fibre optic internet, unlimited 4/3G internet, satellite internet or traditional ADSL internet as well as UKTV and we can also maintain your existing Iberbanda phone number if required.

If you would like us to check what's available please go to our sign up page and fill in your address details and let us know what you are looking for. Filling in this form does not imply that you are applying for a service. Alternatively fill in our call me form and we will contact you.

Whether you choose one of our services, a service offered by Movistar, or a service from another provider you can add UKTV service for 25€/month extra instead of the regular price of 35€/month for all UK channels including sports and video club(Premier) or 20€/month without sports and video club(Entertainment). Channels are listed here - - please note you need to order subscription through ourselves not via the web for this price to apply. You need a Mag set top box to use this service. You can use one you already have or we supply a Mag 254 with wifi for 125€.

Iberbanda is now fully integrated within the Telefónica group and with over 1500 base stations throughout Spain its the only WIMAX company in Spain using licensed bandwidth. This enables it to compete in terms of quality of service with landline broadband.

As the service has the same download speed as upload it is especially good for watching online TV, making VOIP phone calls, online gaming and to access all the content and services that the Internet offers.

You also get a Spanish landline phone number and landline quality phone calls. You can use the telephone while connected to the Internet.

Iberbanda does not need a landline for their service so can provide Internet and phone services in remote areas without landline access as well as providing a better alternative to landline broadband in many áreas.

Fortec also offer both landline and satellite broadband Spain from Jazztel and Quantis and also now Movistar fibre optic connections. Please contact us or visit our websites for further details:

Unlimited wireless internet with wireless router and Spanish landline phone number 

About Iberbanda AVI Wireless Internet and Phone Services

How it works

Iberbanda uses a wireless communicaton technology called WIMAX which permits the transmission of data and voice without the necessity of a conventional telephone line.

To receive this service, a small dish is erected on the outside of your property. The installation is similar to Satellite TV, although with much smaller equipment.

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Broadband - Connections with symmetric speeds of up to 4Mbps.

Greater Availability - Receive broadband where ADSL or conventional telephone lines can not reach.

Complete Service - including installation, customer equipment, maintenance, email accounts and web space.

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